Sams Investigations Unlimited, Inc., provides extensive investigation services.

Fraud SIU Claims handling is a specialty that requires expertise unlike any other discipline. We are pleased to provide staff adjusters who are proficient and experienced in all types of fraud SIU claims handling.

Here is a partial list of the services SAMS SIU provides. Please contact us to find out how we can support your specific needs.

  1. Provide your company with a detailed investigation on all claims that may have the potential for fraud.
  2. Analysis of your internal department to determine whether your SIU department is in compliance with DOI regulation.
  3. Refer potential claims to the California Department of Insurance Fraud Division.
  4. Conduct in-house SIU training for your personal on the recognition of the “red flags” of fraud and other related topics.
  5. Work with your defense counsel and the special investigators for the Department of Insurance and ultimately the District Attorney on the cases they choose to prosecute.
  6. Prepare your company for an SIU audit to ensure you are in compliance with all of the regulations, as established by the Department of Insurance.
  7. Provide immediate assistance on all SIU claims involving sensitive issues and/or issues involving unreasonable claimant alleging outrageous demands.
  8. Assist your firm in providing attendance at Mandatory Settlement Conferences, Mediations and Special Meetings with the Department of Insurance.
  9. Provide expertise necessary about on the facts needed for criminal prosecution.
  10. Database and special reports necessary to uncover potentially fraudulent issues.
  11. Administer your “entire” fraud program if necessary and become your outsource TPA.


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